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May 2011



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May. 24th, 2011



Upcycled coffee/work table

Yep. That's right. A makeshift coffee table/work table made of two doors from an old clothing wardrobe I had from a store (cheap - it eventually had to be left because it was broken :( but because I had stickers on the doors I liked I saved the doors,) a framing board I picked up on the curb one day, and an old laundry hamper set of legs. I reinforced the hamper legs by drilling holes under each of the legs near the hinge, put a screw under each leg, then took some nylon ribbon/strap material and put grommets into them to give extra support to the table. I spray painted the framing board, painted the hamper legs with house paint awhile ago back at an old friend/room mate's house with some old paint they had in the basement, then decoupaged it (I had to look that word up...again :P,) with some pages from an old book I found on the curbside years ago, painted black around the parts I decoupaged then sprayed it with an enamel spray to protect it.

The paint job isn't the best (I didn't care I was being sloppy :P,) and to be honest I did one side intricately then got bored, decided "aww fuck this is just a stupid makeshift coffee table/work table for myself so it doesn't need to look so goddamn good." It was taking me a few days to decoupage and paint the damn thing so I was getting bored.

And an image of the coffee table against my makeshift, milk crate/board bookshelf in the living room. Yep. This is the pinnacle of furniture in my world...and the reason is because it's so colourful, collagy and reminds me of urban decay/graffiti/diy ethic, which is right up my alley.

Jan. 15th, 2010


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Sep. 25th, 2009


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Upcycled Shirt and pants set

The jeans were too short. So I added leather cuffs, and cut out a dragon from an old button up silk shirt my son outgrew. Than took the remaining fabric from the shirt and made a summer tank top for myself, adding some extra fabric to the back.